Period of life: 120 MYA

Era/period: Cretaceous

Habitat: Forests

Length: 0.5 m

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Confuciusornis ("Confucius bird" from Latin) is a primitive extinct bird species of the Early Cretaceous period which inhabited China 120 million years ago.

Flying creature fossils were purchased by a young paleontologist Zhang He in 1993, in Sihetun. It soon became clear that sellers were illegally trading this valuable exhibit.

Crow sized Confuciusornis had a toothless beak like most modern-day birds. Presumably, loss of teeth occurred in the process of evolution since close bird ancestors - Ichthyornis and Hesperornis - had them. The bird lost its long tail; instead, it had a scanty PIE-go-style, a complete tail vertebrae fusion. Confuciusornis was covered with feathered plumage. The oldest bird specimen fed on insects and plants.

Order: Saurischia

Diet: Insects and plants

Length: 0.5 m

Weight: 0.5-1 m

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