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Dilophosaurus (bonus)

Period of life: 199-190 MYA

Era/period: Jurassic

Habitat: US Arizona territory bushes and floodplains

Length: 7m

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Dilophosaurus is one of the early Jurassic period largest bipedal reptiles inhabiting the US territory. It became quiet known after “Jurassic Park” movie release. It has shown small, venom spitting and inflating cobra like frill. In reality, the reptile was 2 metres high and about 400 kilograms weight. Being a fast mover it frequently hunted solely, however, could roam in herds. Small prosauropods and fish were the main target. The reptile could snap and pin the prey to the ground. Strong forelimbs were perfectly adapted for fishing.

Dilophosaurus is the first carnivorous theropod to have paired crests along the skull. Later crests evolved for the other theropods becoming species distinctive feature. The real crest function is still undetermined. It was too fragile for attacking and could probably serve to define animal sex. The movie frill, however, remains a fiction.

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