Period of life: 150-138 MYA

Era/period: Jurassic

Habitat: Rainforests

Length: 27-35 m

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Diplodocus is one of the most Jurassic saurischian sauropods dinosaur’s well-known species. It lived from 150 to 138 million years ago and is famous for gigantic 35 metres length.

The dinosaur moved on for colossal pillar limbs, with its hind limbs slightly longer than forelimbs. It was purely herbivorous consuming ferns and conifers. Short teeth located in the relatively small 1 metre head forepart, chewed foliage. The tiny chicken egg brain size presumably means that Diplodocus was not among the fastest thinkers!

Its massive 7-metre neck with at least 15 vertebrae was perfectly fitted for snapping foliage from the treetops. A colossal 70 vertebrae tail provided protection from attackers. Empowered with a huge body weight of 20 tonnes, the tail impact was virtually unstoppable. The reptile could as well lean on hind limbs and fight with sharp claws and forelimbs. In fact, the adult species had almost no enemies.

Unlike mature small cubs they were vulnerable. The Diplodocus female laid soccer ball-sized eggs on the wood outskirts and proceeded with herd foraging. After giving birth, the cubs fled to the depths of the forest but not everyone could make it there. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to escape, many fell into the tenacious bloodthirsty teeth of the Allosaurus. Many became Allosaurus preys. Cubs grew very fast and became almost invincible when reaching maturity.

Diplodocus became extinct at the end of Jurassic period similar to other giant dinosaurs about 145 million years ago. The exact extinction cause is yet unknown, sparking the hypothesis of starvation due to changing environmental conditions. Another probable cause might have been new carnivorous species emerging.

Order: Saurischia

Diet: Plants

Length: 27-35 m

Weight: 30 tonnes

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