Estemmenosuchus (bonus)

Period of life: 255-267 млн. л.н.

Era/period: Triassic

Habitat: Sswamps, rivers, bushlands

Length: Longitud: min 3 m

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Estemmenosuchus is an omnivorous amphibian animal of the therapsid order. It got the name “crowned crocodile” because of the large head bumps. Estemmenosuchus had more than 3 metres body length, up to 2.5 metres height and 500 to 1500 kilograms weight. It existed during the Paleozoic era, moved both terrestrial and submerge into the water like a hippo. Scientists are still disputing what it fed on. . The theory states it consumed ferns, calamites, lyre, algae, reeds, and, possibly, carrion. Recovered canines also indicate the possibility of it being a predator. However, herbivorous ther-AP-sids also retained canines. A large body size points to a complex digestive system adapted for a herbivorous diet - as the plants were much rougher than meat. Therefore the reptile could be likely omnivorous and the exact determination is yet to be completed.

Length: Longitud: min 3 m

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