Period of life: 210 MYA

Era/period: Triassic

Habitat: Coastline

Length: 1 m

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Eudimorphodon is a small primitive flying reptile of the terror-sours genus inhabited the territory of northern Italy 210 million years ago. The name means “true dimorphic tooth” similar to the Dimorhodon, another genus member. Unlike Dimorphodon, however, Eudimorphodon had a double tooth structure. The first fossils of a winged creature were found in 1973, near the Italian city Bergamo, in the Chain-ee commune.

The terror-saur wingspan was the same as its body length (about 1 metre) with 10 kilograms weight. The triangular shaped skull was complimented four upper and two lower fangs protruding from jaws front part. Beyond that stretched the fence of smaller triangular teeth. Surprisingly, jaws were very densely packed as for only 6 cm length the total teeth amount was 110. The reptile wings had interconnections to two limbs and a long tail decorated with diamond shaped flap, used as a rudder whilst maneuvering in the air

The Eudimorphodon fed on fish, mussels, invertebrates and even insects. Heterodontism helped diversifying the feed types.

Order: Pterosaurs

Diet: Fish and insects

Length: 1 m

Weight: 2 kg

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