Period of life: 200-190 MYA

Era/period: Jurassic

Habitat: Forests, savannah

Length: 1.2 m

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Heterodontosaurus is a small dinosaur with only 120 cm length and 6 kilograms weight and inhabited South Africa territory 200 million years ago from the Late Triassic to the Early Cretaceous periods.

Heterodontosaurus distinctive feature was hetero-dontism meaning various teeth types packed its jaws. This feature is actually reflected in the reptile’s name. When first fossils were recovered, scientists could hardly determine what species these remains belonged to.

First of all, the dinosaur’s mandible teeth gave support to the horny beak much like for the ornithischian. The front jaw part was toothless and going deeper, both jaw sides were packed with incisor teeth. The third teeth type was the curved canine tusks on the beak. As such compared to the other reptiles Heterodontosaurus had three teeth types instead of one.

A lightweight and fast reptile, it had a specific hind limb bones structure. Ossified tendons enforced the spine to keep it and the tail base vertically positioned. Two of five forelimb toes were side pointed. Presumably, this made feed snapping easier. From the available data, it is assumed the reptile was omnivorous, as all three teeth types should have been utilized.

Order: Ornithischia

Diet: Omnivorous

Length: 1.2 m

Weight: 3.5 kg

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