Period of life: 150-140 MYA

Era/period: Jurassic

Habitat: Bushlands

Length: 3 m

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Kentrosaurus is an African Stegosaurus family species of the Jurassic Period 150-140 million years ago. It inhabited open Tanzania bushlands. The reptile was roaming in a herd for herbal feed, such as ferns, conifers, ginkgo, suitable for its small molars.

The dinosaur was smaller than the Stegosaurus. Its body length was about 4 metres and the overall weight in a range 1000-3000 kilograms. The neck, shoulders, and back were coated with thin plates and huge sharp spikes. This armour provided a good protection but didn’t have thermal regulation, unlike the armour for the Stegosaurus.

The Kentrosaurus had no ability to stand vertically on hind limbs and was relatively slow despite its scary look. However, the tail impact could be devastating as its speed reached 144 km/h.

Order: Ornithischia

Diet: Plants

Length: 3 m

Weight: 300-700 kg

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