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Period of life: 165-145 MYA

Era/period: Jurassic

Habitat: Seawater

Length: 5-15m

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Liopleurodon is a well-known pliosaurs class ruthless predator of the Jurassic period subsea. It inhabited a Europe territory about 165-145 million years ago as that time Europe was a shallow sea with a pile of isles.

Liopleurodon was the largest aquatic inhabitant and terrorized other species. Being 5-15 metres length and 25 tonnes weight, it was also armed with razor sharp 30-40 cm teeth and 3.5 metres length head. It could easily dismember a 3-metre prey in half. Three-metre powerful fins provided a locomotion, if necessary, the predator could dash and snap a fleeing marine reptile or fish. Sometimes terrestrial reptiles became a prey of Liopleurodon in the shallow coast waters.

Liopleurodon was a smart carnivore. Thanks to the distinctive olfactory structure, it could remotely determine the direction of a prey approaching. The reptile intook full breath and waited for hours for a shark or plesiosaurus to get closer. Being a nocturnal carnivore, it left a prey no chance to escape. This giant could feel safe from the attackers except the other specimen protecting a territory.

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