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Period of life: 240 MYA

Era/period: Triassic

Habitat: Seawater


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Nothosaurus is a Triassic period water inhabitant roaming through North Africa, China, Israel, and Russia coastal waters more than 240 million years ago. Its name means “false lizard”, presumably because it had amphibian features.

Amphibian reptile body size varied from three to six metres and with the weight of about 300 kilograms. The head crowned a long neck and the appearance was similar to a living crocodile with dagger like teeth. The reptile snapped a prey giving it no chance to escape from curved fangs. Nothosaurus diet included squid, fish and even terrestrial animals. Four five-toed membrane limbs provided decent diving skills. Powerful and flexible tail was advantageous whilst hunting giving fast diving speed.

When moving on shore it inhabited coastal caves and laid eggs into the sand. The reptile lifespan did not exceed 10 years with the first three considered to be a maturing period.

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