Tylosaurus (bonus)

Period of life: 88-78 млн. л.н.

Era/period: Cretaceous

Habitat: Seas, swamps

Length: Longitud: 14 m

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Tylosaurus is a gigantic mosasaur, predatory marine reptile of the Late Cretaceous period. Tylosaurus name means “protuberance lizard”. It was the most ferocious marine predator of its time. Measuring 14 metres long and 2.5 metres tall it weighed about 2.5 tonnes. The skull was about 1/7 of its full length, making it possible to swallow an intact prey, including large specimen. Powerful and fast Tylosaurus attacked overtly anything that moved even other Mosasaurs without any ambush.

Many Tylosaurus died of foundering on the cliffs at a high speed probably ramming the prey. It fed on flightless birds, small dinosaurs, large fish and Plesiosaurus. Tylosaurus is a modern monitor lizards ancestor.

Length: Longitud: 14 m

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