Period of life: 45-37 MYA.

Era/period: Cenozoic

Habitat: Rainforests, river banks

Length: 4 m

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Uintatherium was a herbivorous rhinoceros-like animal related to Dinoceratas. It inhabited USA and China territories during the Eocene epoch about 45-37 million years ago. The mammal name means “Beast of the Uinta Mountains". Its fossils were first recovered in Wyoming State.

It was bulky built with about 4 m length and up to 2 tonnes weight. Its limbs were robust to sustain the weight. The skull bore six prominent knob-like ossicones covered with skin similar to those of giraffes. It may have been used in a sexual display. Males had the large upper canine teeth resembled those of saber-toothed cats. Molars were mostly suited for munching soft lush grass and leaves but not for meat. Uintatherium lived near the lakes in rainforests. It was not a fast thinker because of rather small brain.

Order: Dinocerata

Diet: Plants

Length: 4 m

Weight: 2 tonnes

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